Option 1) Basic Full Game Package: $50 per Game Basic Press Box Shot
Select this option if you want STADIUM ANGLE full game videos. Purchase 1 to 3 games and you will be provided with a link to directly download the games selected.

Option 2) Portfolio Raw Package: $150 Selected Ground and Camera Pole Highlights.
Select this option for CAMERA POLE ANGLE and GOAL AREA GROUND ANGLE shots. This is a great option for do-it-yourself highlight production. We send you a link to all non-press box camera angles for your review. Simply select the cut numbers you desire and we send you a direct link to download your highlights.

Option 3) D3 Midwest Event Recruiting Film Mix: $200 Includes One Full Game Film, Selected Ground and Camera Pole Highlights from All Games.
Select this option if you want one full game film and selected highlights from pole and ground camera action. We also place a title page with information such as height, weight, year of graduation, position, jersey number and team color, as well as contact information at the beginning of your video. Simply download from a link provided.

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OR Order by Mail: Make checks payable to Wild Bill Productions and be sure to include athlete's name and all contact information. Mail checks to Wild Bill Productions 206 Millpond Road, Sunbury, Ohio 43074

Questions? Just email wildbill@wildbillproductions.net. or Call 740-803-2998.